Drivers License Edit

Heard the song Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo and felt inspired to shoot this montage with my friend Isabelle. Sometimes my favorite videos come from just grabbing a camera, heading out to find a location and shoot as we go. Love this little project!

2020 - Reel

This year was definitely a year to remember for all of us. A real challenge but we made it through. Had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects despite the hold back from the global pandemic. Enjoy this little recap!

Bdice - Album Intro

We teamed up with Vancouver artist Bdice to create a intro video to his latest album entitled "Esthetic"

2019 -Reel

This year was a blur! Here's a few clips from some of our projects in 2019!

JT Circuit x Jac Films

Looking for a personal trainer or group fitness team? Contact Jeff Turcotte @jtcircuit - Fitness for any skill level - Thank you to everyone @jtcircuit - This was one for the books 🎥

Motus Health and Wellness

We had the pleasure of shooting 4 separate adds for our friends at Motus Health and Wellness. They are a mobile naturopathic clinic here in Vancouver. Check them out on Google and all social media!

Delaina & Tyrone Wedding Film

This past year we had the pleasure of putting together a highlight video for our clients in Langley, British Columbia. Thank you to Delaina & Tyrone for having us out and congratulations to you both!

Junk ft. Hungry - Gangfire

Had a blast working on this music video! After a few weeks of location scouting and prep, we set out with a small crew and tackled this project with a 12 hour shoot day! Both us and our clients were quite happy with the final product. Check out Junk on Spotify - YouTube - Instagram - Facebook

Gary V - Contest Entry

For the past few years Gary Vaynerchuk has been an inspiration to me. A while back he held a contest entry to re edit his videographers "Daily V" footage and make an inspirational video. Instead of re editing their footage, I shot all of my own footage from the fans perspective and used the audio from one of Garys inspirational videos. I didnt end up winning but recieved a personal message from D Rock, "Garys Videographer" stating that he absolutely loved the video and would show it to Gary. I had so much fun putting this little video together. Thank you to Gary and D Rock for the Insiration.


For the last 4 years I've occasionally done some photo/video work for the Ephin/SDK crew in Vancouver. Here's one promo video i put together in 2017 for Merkules summer tour.